28 May 2008


What you've all been waiting for...



Grasshopper said...


Great news!

Anonymous said...

Donation made.

Email list joined.

Full night sleep coming at last!

Barbara Sullivan

Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

Since TW reads your blog I hope you don't mind if I pass him some comments.

Arrr. Donation coming after payday. :)

Todd Wilken said...


Good post.

One correction: the new show will not be Internet only.

It will be Radio and Internet. Where on the radio? Keep watching the website.


Robin Lee said...

Will donations be tax-deductible?

Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

Fixed! Thank you.

Phil Magness said...

It's a great day for the Gospel - and so it is a great day for the Church!

For more information on this be sure to check out the lastes post over at www.laymenetc.com.

There is some exciting news there about how all this is coming together, as well as some good news about some other related developments.

Lutheran Lucciola said...




Jon said...

For cheesy fan generated video check out http://clccm.blogspot.com/2008/05/come-on-down-and-make-stand.html


Anonymous said...

What's that dance the Church Lady used to do?
I'm doin' it. Yeah I'm dancin'.
(feelin' a little bit superior...
to how she was feelin')

Anonymous said...

Thanks, pastor Weedon, for working behind the scenes, and for passing on this good--GREAT--news.
It ain't as if you pastors have nothing else to do and oodles of time in which to do it.
God bless.

christopher palo said...

Several questions:

1) Will the new issues be on a station that is not owned, even in part, by the MO syond?

2) Is not Pr. Wilken an ordained servant in the MO synod? What action will the synod take, if any, against him should he start up a program that can now openly criticize MO synod personnel and policies?

Just curious. I, for one, am glad that Issues will be restored.

Anonymous said...


Wonderful news!


Friend of the Predigtamt said...

Yes! And I'm sooo excited that I'm posting up a fan generated video of Pirates of the Caribbean to Adam Ant's Jolly Roger! :)

Anonymous said...

Made donation.
Going back to join mailing list.

Becky said...

Jumping for JOY! Thank you, Lord, and thank you, to all the good and faithful servants!
Becky (no longer in mourning amongst the rice paddies!)

Rt. Rev. Jack Bauer said...

Ah, good! More reinforcements for the Counter-Pietism Unit!


Rt. Rev. Jack Bauer said...

Issues Etc will independent like Higher Things, the Confessional Lutheran Education Foundation, The Luther Academy, Gottesdienst, the Augustana Ministerium, Repristination Press, et al.

The LCMS claims it is subject to Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions. I would say Pr. Wilken and Mr. Schwartz would only be holding the LCMS to the same standard it claims for itself. If an "official position" or movement within the LCMS contradicts or does not flow from Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions they should be glad for the rebuke, correction, questions raised for its own health.

This said, if there are political consequences (as if there weren't already) then that is a cross to be suffered. It is possible to be a confessional Lutheran without the LCMS. Synod is not inerrant no matter whether a liberal, moderate or conservative is running things.

If synod can't stand criticism, questions or calls to repentance, then what good does it do? The dissent process has not worked and doesn't. Resolutions are filtered before they get to the floor and while getting to the floor. Read the recent essays on Consensus for that.

God's strong Word is the only avenue for reform, not the system. So let them preach, teach, discuss, debate, critique, call to repentance...

Scott Larkins said...

Not much to add, but if you can imagine a 6'3” 220lb. man skipping around his house on a busy street at 5:15...

God be praised!

Please donate and spread the word!

Doorman-Priest said...

Pirate Christian Radio. How subversive! Well, I am sure this constitutes answers to many prayers.