18 May 2008

Mother's Day - A Week Late

The kids decided to wait for Mother's Day until Lauren and Dean got home. Let me see if I can get all this straight:

Mom got a manicure and pedicure, her hair done up and makeup put on, her house cleaned, her van cleaned, dinner made and cleaned up. I don't think I left anything out.

She was treated like a queen today - and she deserves it, too! You guys did a great job - thanks!

P.S. Oh, yeah! There was one more thing. Lauren decided Cin wasn't allowed to win at Liverpool today...


Anonymous said...

heck no!
Did I mention I won?
and had SIX jokers the last hand... :)

Anonymous said...

You DID for get something...I got a back rub with almond oil and head massage

Cindi (aka pampered mom)