24 May 2008

How to Drive Your Parents Nuts - 101

Even though you are a strapping lad of almost 20 years, you:

1. Consistently fail to carry your driver's license (let alone wallet!) with you;
2. Your sister's mother-in-law saves your butt at Kohl's because you're trying to write a check without any I.D.
3. You ask to borrow your father's belt because you accidentally left yours at the theatre last night.
4. You realize when you get ready to walk out the door that your SHOES were also left at the same theatre, so you got to wear BROWN shoes with your black pants to work.
5. You rush out to get to work on time, only to call a few minutes later and sheepishly confess that you forgot that work didn't start till 9 and you were there at 8.
6. You borrow a lid from your mother's pot for a "prop" for art and leave it at your girlfriend's house - for WEEKS.
7. You drive off to town more than once, intending to go to work, and leave your uniform sitting on the piano so you have to drive home again to get it - but hey - what's a little gas cost these days?
8. You take snacks into your room, leave them open and let them go stale - so that your sisters can complain about this to your parents.
9. You expect your mommy to keep track of your checkbook for you.
10. You firmly believe that the floor of your room is the best place to "hang up" your clothes.

[Okay, got that out of my system...but waiting for the NEXT list of 10 to develop, after which there will be no further lists; the lad will have achieved his purpose of driving us insane and into the nut house.]


Anonymous said...

It's a challenge, I know, to be calm through this season in his (or all children for that matter) life. Be assured, payback is coming in the form of grandchildren. It may (hopefully) be a while, but, it is in the grandkids that the joy of children is made full, and you can reap revenge on those irritating children we raised when we knew not what we were doing.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and another thought, children have a wonderfully amazing way of imitating what they have been taught. Usually they do a very fine job of the bad things, but only after a few years of life on their own do they begin to imitate the "good" things.
Does he have too much of his father in him? ;-)


William Weedon said...

Now those are fighting words!!!

Anonymous said...

YES! MUCH like Father. : )


Lutheran Lucciola said...

Do we even want to know why he left his belt at the theater? (That one cracked me up...)

William Weedon said...


He was on stage - that's even more frightening, eh?


Karl does not need more encouragement from YOU.

Unashamed said...

This is NOT good news. I thought that by 20 they'd be over this "phase". You mean it persists? 'Cause I have 4 of 'em, they're 18,17,16 and 14. I really don't think I can make it to 20. Lord, have mercy!

Anonymous said...

he be a dingy.

Lutheran Lucciola said...

Oh, he's an actor.
God have mercy on you.

It could be worse, he could be a lighting designer.

Carl Vehse said...

Two words: Parris Island.

Susan said...

All I can do is laugh - they are such a hoot at that age! :)

Rev. James Leistico said...
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Rev. James Leistico said...

Karl's comments (and Cindi's "amen") were much nicer than you might get from Father Luther:
"So God punishes one knave by means of another. When you defraud or despise your master, another person comes along and treats you likewise. Indeed, in your own household you must suffer ten times as much wrong from your own wife, CHILDREN, or servants." (LC, Fourth Commandment, paragraph 154).
remembering my teenage years, and knowing that in 12 years, I will have three teenagers in the house, it's enough to make me pray some extra Kyries.

Elaine said...

Change the main character and the plot, and you could have been writing about our son, the youngest of 4 children. HOWEVER--when he turned 22, his brain finally finished developing, something clicked, and he grew up!! It does happen. Too bad it happens right AFTER patience runs out and you have gone insane :)

elephantschild said...

The boy needs a wife.

Pity he's on the young side for that solution!

Anonymous said...

he's almost 20. He's not too young to marry!

mlorfeld said...

As any single man knows... the dryer is the best place to hang clothes :)