14 May 2008

Old Lutheran Quote of the Day

Do learn to love the Sacrament of the Altar as the meeting place with your beloved who have passed within the veil. Here again the Sacrament is the heart of our religion. The Blessed Sacrament links us not merely to Bethlehem and Calvary, but to the whole world beyond the grave as well, for at the Altar the infinite is enshrined in the finite; Heaven stoops to earth; and the seen and the unseen meet. -- Von Schenk, *The Presence* p. 132

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Rev. James Leistico said...

I was just thinking about this truth again today as I served a widow, daughter, and grandkids of a dear saint "buried" today (don't know about your cemetary, but if you try digging a hole in ours, all you'll do is create a swamp. I never thought of Psalm 40's "lifting out of the muck and mire" being a promise of the resurrection, but after today...)

anyway, getting back to the point at hand: when the grief is not so fresh, I look forward to bringing this comfort to the family. (Feicho can tell you we even have one of those semi-circle communion rails at St. Peter.)