16 May 2008

That's A Wrap

A nice day off. I got a leisurely start to the day, and enjoyed my pot of coffee with some web-surfing. Then after a shower, Cindi and I headed into St. Louis. We got stopped by construction on I-55, but that's alright. There are trees all along the highway by Collinsville that are hanging with chains of beautiful white flowers. We listened to some music and sat in the car and enjoyed the sunshine and the warm day. We finally made it over to Olympia's for lunch. Saganaki and a Gyro salad - and since Cin hates olives, I got to eat all from her salad too. Sadly all the outside tables were taken, so we feasted in the dark and slightly chilly inside. Then off to the stadium to buy some tickets for a ball game. Thanks be to God, none were for me. Cindi, David, Dave, and Bekah will head off to the old ball game on June 2. I imagine I'll be at home working more on my presentation for the St. John Chrysostom's Preachers Retreat in Canada. After the stadium, we headed back to Collinsville and Wally World to shop for that new microwave. We found a black one that we wanted, but the display model was the only one available - so they gave it to us for the cost of the cheapest microwave they sell. That was a saving of $20! Almost paid for one of those nose-bleed ball tickets. When we got home it was still beautiful outside. Cindi opted for a bike ride and I went for a walk. Lauren, Dean, Jo and Dave joined us for dinner - burgers and hotdogs on the grill - which we ate outside. Then a game of liverpool - WHICH I WON! Will miracles never cease! Now Cindi and Lauren are marking things for the yard sale in Hamel tomorrow. Just a wonderful, stress-free, satisfying day all around. Deo gratias!


wmc said...

Boy, do I ever miss the Olympia! I had a similarly delightful afternoon - escaped the heat by dropping underwater for a leisurely hour dive at Shaw's Cove. Spring is in the sea as everything seems intent on being fruitful and multiplying. The gaudy Garibaldis were especially feisty, guarding their nests.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the memories, Bill. Our home was one mile south of the Sem, and MariJo and I used to walk over to Olympia's on warm summer evenings for an evening meal on the patio.