23 May 2008

Wonderful Web Resource

If you are praying the daily office at your COMPUTER, here's a wonderful hypertext resource:

Readings and Psalms

Note that they come up automatically in NKJV, but you can select any Bible version available, including the ESV. What a nice service the Anonymous Lutheran has provided for this. Just find the day and click and off you go. Note that the order is Matins Psalm / First Reading / Second Reading / Vespers Psalms.


Anonymous Lutheran said...

Hey, thanks for the link! =)

I got a giggle out of the image of someone praying the daily office at his computer, as in sitting at his desk looking at the monitor. lol However, for a technologically-minded gen-x'er like me, having a laptop computer in place of a book seems perfectly natural. ;-)

William Weedon said...

Alright, time to fess up. When I'm praying the office in my, well, office, I usually DO use the computer to get the readings, but I've been going to the ESV's online site and plucking in the verses. You've saved me the need to type a thing. Now, if there is one suggestion I might make: you left off the last Psalm at Matins. Look at the words ABOVE the Psalm chart on 304 and you'll see that the Laudate Psalms (145-150) may also be prayed at Matins. Want to add those in too? :)

William Weedon said...

Oh, and one more thing: wouldn't it be GREAT to have the One Year readings up there too? Don't you love how I'm giving YOU more work? Hey, it's a great resource just as it is, but I think if you add these touches it would be superbulous!

Anonymous Lutheran said...

Wow, thanks for pointing that out. I should be able to get the missing Psalm added this evening.

The one-year lectionary is a little more difficult, because there are differences in the calendar itself. There's also a space limitation; it will already be quite crowded on some days, especially Palm Sunday.

To do it right, I'd really need to provide two entirely separate calendars and have it put a cookie on your computer to remember which one you prefer. The initial setup would take a bit of work, though maintaining it afterwards would be no big deal.

You know.... In return for giving me all this work, maybe you could figure out why the links for subscriber feeds are missing from your blog. ;-) Right now I'm having to type the URL manually whenever I want to subscribe to post comments.

William Weedon said...

But I don't know what that means???!!!??? I am a techno-illiterati

Anonymous Lutheran said...

The missing Psalm has now been added. I have grand designs in mind for adding the one-year lectionary, but that'll take a while. lol

I'll email you about the subscriber feeds on your blog. I think it's probably just a setting you can change.