24 December 2008

Break Forth

Break forth, O beauteous heavenly light,
And usher in the morning.
Ye shepherds, shrink not with affright,
The day of grace is dawning.
This Child, though weak in infancy,
Our confidence and joy shall be,
The pow'r of Satan breaking,
Our peace with God now making.

O dearest Child, whom I adore,
Whose grace surpasses measure,
My Brother, whom I cherish more
Than earth with all its treasure:
Haste from Thy manger to depart,
O come and dwell within my heart;
With joy will I receive Thee,
A cradle there will give Thee.

All blessing, thanks, and praise to Thee,
Lord Jesus Christ, be given:
Thou hast my Brother deigned to be,
Thou Lord of earth and heaven.
Help me throughout this day of grace
To praise Thy love and seek Thy face;
And when I stand before Thee
Forever to adore Thee.
LSB 378

1 comment:

Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

I love this hymn, but my sinful flesh CRIES at how hard this tune is to play. That Bach! Couldn't he leave a couple of those eighth notes in the left hand on the shelf?

Merry Christmas, Pr. Weedon!