27 December 2008


It's not to last long, but you know it felt absolutely wonderful to be running around outside with shorts and t-shirt today. 64 right now. Remember how COLD that feels when fall begins? Right now it feels like "take off your shirt" weather!!! Well, not quite. No sun. Gray, overcast, rainy, but warm. I'll take warm.


wmc said...

Al Gore is smiling today.

Scott Larkins said...

Yeah. It was 71 at 5:00 this morning. Not right at all.

Central MO.

Kurt Onken said...

64??? 71??? You people are lying, I just know you are!!!

We've had snow for the last two weeks here in the Puget Sound...not that it's all that warm here this time of year. The snow's melting now, but it's still not getting too far above 40.

I'm jealous.