23 December 2008

Well, it's been almost

four months. So far, I've not missed a day of the three days a week routine at the gym. As Cindi said, I just had to schedule it in and work other things around it. It's also been three months of eating solely at meal times (low-carbing, of course) except for an apple in the afternoons, and then on Sundays allowing myself to eat snacks as well. Alcohol intake has been a single glass of wine a day, again with Sundays as an exception. I've lost weight which I didn't really think I needed to lose, but now I'm wondering if perhaps I did. Started at 159 or so, I believe, and this a.m. was down to 146. According to BMI, I could go down to 140 and still be solidly in healthy range. I'm not trying to go further down, but I'm sticking to the workout routine and eating regime and we'll see what happens. Meanwhile, feeling great, good deal of energy. What's utterly weird, though, is being in clothes sizes I've not seen since high school. I am yearning, though, for a nice relatively warm day so I can go for a walk outside. The exercise is great, but it doesn't satisfy that itch to be out in the sun. Anywho, fabulously fit by 50 is still on track.

P.S. Cindi's also been doing fantastic. She's exercises most days (rather than the 3 day a week thingy) and she's seen some solid weight loss too.


Dana said...

Keep up the good work.

William Weedon said...

Thanks, Dana!