29 December 2008

Busy yet Good

Coffee maker going off (grinder) woke me at 6:15; coffee with Matins (hey, it's the holidays); off to Y for a GREAT workout (burned 600+ calories on cardio alone, and did weights); back home, changed, communed Carl; checked in with Joanie about bulletin; wrote Bible Study for Sunday and shipped it to Joanie; quick lunch (yummy leftovers); hospital call in Greenville, shutins in Alhambra, Wood River, Maryville, Glen Carbon and Edwardsville (being relatively warm - in the 50's - had roof open on car for much of the journey and boy did that sun feel GREAT); home for half an hour and so Vespers; off to dinner with Cindi (wanted to eat at 54th Street Grill, but not willing to wait for 35 minutes; ended up at Red Robin and had their 5 alarm burger on salad while Cin feasted on the Royal Red Robin); quick trip to Dierberg's for some otherwise hard to find goodies; home for the night. Whew!

Tomorrow I hope to see Julian, meet for a while with Pastor Gleason, and write a homily for Wednesday evening. Three such choice texts is making the decision about what to preach rather difficult!


Past Elder said...

You got a Red Robin? Gimme the bacon/cheese with pepperjack or the clucks and fries! Are you on their email list? I bloody am!

William Weedon said...


Just came here a few years ago - and I confess that I absolutely love the place. But forget the fries!!!!