29 December 2008


I've been asked about what happens if you fall behind in reading your Treasury of Daily Prayer. I want to stress this: DON'T SWEAT IT. Don't try to make it up. Simply pick up on TODAY and go forward. The gift of Daily Prayer is not meant to be a burden, but a joy. If you missed a reading this year, next year you can have new joy in it. It took me years to learn this simple lesson, but I was happy to see that Pr. Kinnaman simply spelled it out on page 20. The joy of the Office is that if you miss a prayer time, the CHURCH hasn't, and you can rejoice that the chanting of psalms and reading and prayers went on - for you! Simply step back into the Office and don't allow Satan to heap up guilt upon you. Our pilgrimage is too short to waste on such!


Lutheran Lucciola said...

I needed to hear that. ;-)

Julianne said...

Me too. I'm an issues etc. listener, and have been following your blog ever since listening to some of the recent shows. Thanks for such clear blog posts!

Paul McCain said...

Well said, Pr. Weedon.

Another point, that might be helpful to folks, is to be aware that the Treasury may be used as simply as just reading the assigned lessons, prayers and psalms for the day, or any portion thereof.

We certainly do NOT want anyone to regard the use of the full prayer offices to be an "obligation" or anything like it.

This is all in the way of opportunity and gift, not burden, demand and law.

Blessings to all who are "Treasuring."

Paul McCain said...

And...Pr. Weedon...this is advice you have given me years before the Treasury came out. Thanks, again.

Dennis said...

Thanks for post. I was ordained a Deacon in the Anglican Catholic Church and by Church Law had to say the Daily Offices in totality. With work and family there were times when I would miss and the guilt would get the best of me. Then you shy away for longer periods of time. It is nice to hear these words. I am really enjoying the Treasury it is an awesome gift.

Raggedy Lamb said...

I'd need to give up my vocation as cook and laundry lady to keep with all the wonderful resources. This is one book I will go through year after year and will most likely never have that I've-done-this-before feeling. It is already getting a bit battered as I take it with me so that I can read when I have to wait around in the car as I go here and there.

saxoniae said...

Yeah, flipping through all the bookmarks is very confusing to me but very interesting as well. I'm used to only having the laminated daily prayers for individual & families and a Bible. :)

Paul McCain said...

Here's another helpful suggestion.

When using the ribbons, all you really need to mark is:

The prayer office you wish to use in the center.

The readings for the day.

The prayers for each day of the week.

So, only three places to mark, and that's pretty easy.

If you choose to read more Psalms every day, you can mark your place in them.

If you want to use the Small Catechism each day, you can mark your place there.

In other words, use as many, or as few, ribbon markers as you want, totally up to you. No "musts" here, just "what is helpful for your devotion" etc.