29 December 2008

Epiphany House Blessings

The Lutheran Service Book Agenda reminds us "Homes may be blessed annually. Usually this is done during the season of Epiphany due to the connection of the visitation of the Magi to the home of the infant Christ." (p. 313)

If any member of St. Paul's would like for me to bless their home during January or February, please let me know as soon as possible, and we'll schedule the blessing.

"Drive from here the snares of the evil one and send Your holy angel to guard, protect, visit and defend all who dwell in this home. Mercifully hear their prayers and, when their last hour comes, grant them safe haven in Your heavenly mansions; through Jesus Christ our Lord!" -- Lutheran Service Book Agenda, page 319.


Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

"If any member of St. Paul's..."


Scott Larkins said...

Popish remnant! Humph.


God bless your New Year.

Chris said...

I thought that the house blessing was connected to Christ being baptized, not the visitation of the Magi (which I know is what lutherans commemorate on January 6) since creation is being restored (i.e. the waters of the Jordan) to its former glory by receiving the Lord. That's the way it is in the EO. I didn't think there would be a difference with Lutherans.

Past Elder said...

Nah. You write CMB over the door, the initials of each of the three Magi, which then in turn stand for Christus mansionem benedicat, in recognition that the Magi visited the Holy Family where they were living. This is done by kids dressed like the Magi and carrying a star like theirs and sing carols (Sternsinger) and accept money for charity to pay it forward, as it were.

Dixie said...

PE...that is exactly how I understand it is done. But what is not so clear to me is who does the writing...not the priest, right? I saw these chalk marks on the doors and door frames all over Bavaria (predominately Roman Catholic) and presumed it was an annual house blessing by the priest but they told me the priest wasn't necessarily there. The kids came without the priest and collected money for charity.

As I recall growing up Roman Catholic we didn't have a house blessing by the priest except when we moved to a new (to us) house. I wonder what is done these days in the RC. Would you know? Is it typical to have an annual blessing? Of course, there are 10,000 plus people and 7 mostly aged and frail priests at my brother's RC parish so I am guessing most RC homes aren't getting an annual blessing.

The annual house blessing done by the Orthodox priest is tied to the celebration of Theophany as Chris explained. The house blessing is truly an annual event performed by the priest although one priest from a very large cathedral parish indicated that they, like my brother's parish, didn't have the resources to bless all the houses if every parishioner there wanted the blessing either.