04 April 2010

Gold Paraments for Easter (and a few other pics)


PMagness said...

Love it!

One of the things I loved about Bethany when I came was that they had GOLD paraments for Easter.

In my previous parishes, people just looked at me as if I was nuts whenever I suggested getting gold paraments for Easter.

Now if I can just convince Bethany's Altar Guild to get scarlet paraments for Holy Week!

Elephantschild said...

Very lovely.

I also appreciate that the maker made the stole the proper length for chasuble use. :) Beautiful work.

BrotherBoris said...

Fine indeed! Tasteful, traditional, elegantly simple and superb craftsmanship. I've always been a fan of the gold myself. By the way, the altar looks nice too with that crucifix on it and the statue of Christ with His arms raised in blessing behind it.

Scott Larkins said...

Well done Sir! Beautiful.