02 April 2010

Singing the Triumph of the Cross

O darkest woe!
Ye tears, forth flow!
Has earth so sad a wonder?
God the Father's Only Son
Now is buried yonder!

O sorrow dread!
Our God is dead,
Upon the cross extended.
There His love enlivened us
As His life was ended.

O child of woe:
Who struck the blow
That killed our gracious Master?
"It was I" thy conscience cries,
"I have wrought disaster."

Thy Bridegroom dead!
God's Lamb has bled
Upon Thy sin forever,
Pouring out His sinless self
In that vast endeavor.

Such innocence!
His countenance
A fount of faith undying!
Worlds on worlds cannot contain
Grief at Him here lying.

O Virgin's Son,
What Thou hast won
Is far beyond all telling:
How our God, detested, died,
Hell and devil felling.

O Jesus Christ,
Who sacrificed
Thy life for lifeless mortals,
Be my life in death and bring
Me to heaven's portals!

LSB 448

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good hymn. We sang it yesterday at the Tre-Ore service and at Tenebrae and then again today at Morning Vespers (I'm new here, and still working on starting the Easter Vigil next year).

Mark (F.V.)