12 September 2010

Catechism Service

starts in about 45 minutes.  Commandments 1-3, here we come!


Pr Mark Henderson said...

I'm curious about the format for these services, Pr Weedon. Perhaps this is something I could offer in my parish. Can you expand on this?

William Weedon said...

Service of Prayer and Preaching. In place of a sermon, though, we have a time for catechesis (as LSB indicates: or catechetical instruction). You can google our Catechism service for this blog and I think you'll find some video recordings of how we do it. Pax!

Pr Mark Henderson said...

OK. Thanks.
I'm not familiar with the LSB, so it's not immediately apparent to me what the Service of Prayer and Preaching consists of. It sounds like our (Lutheran Church of Australia) rather oddly named 'Service Without Communion'.

William Weedon said...

Ah, let me give you the outline. I assumed you'd have a copy of LSB by now! :)

Opening Versicles (seasonal)
OT Canticle
Recitation of Ten Commandments, Creed, Our Father
Recitation of the Catechism assigned for day (yesterday, Commandments 1-3 with explanations)
Catechetical Instruction
Hymn (yesterday Luther's 10 commandments hymn stanzas 1-4)
Prayer of Day
Morning/Evening Prayer
NT Canticle

Pr Mark Henderson said...

Many thanks, William.
I can adapt this.

Yes, I really should have LSB - it's on my wishlist.

I have the Pastoral Care Companion, which I appreciate very much.