26 September 2010

From Starck's upon St. Michael's

O gracious God, grant Your Holy Spirit that I may not grieve these creatures of Yours by my sins, nor drive them from me by reckless living, forcing them to stand far off and to forsake me because of my wickedness.  Grant that even in this life I may become like the angels by serving, praising, obeying, and glorifying You, so that at last I may be like the angels also in the joys and bliss of the life that never ends.  Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven - let this prayer resound in my ears and in my heart from now and forevermore.  My God, let Your holy angels remain with me in death that they may carry my soul to Abraham's bosom and accompany me to glory.  There let me forever be in their fellowship and company, rejoice with them over Your glory and majesty, and chant with them:  Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God of hosts!  And so I will praise You for this and for all Your blessings forever and ever.  (p. 115)


Pr Mark Henderson said...

This is why I love Starck. I used his devotion on love to neighbour with a 'Good Samaritan' ladies charity group here a few weeks ago and there was not a sound to be heard, even though it must have taken 10 minutes to read it and the prayer is longer than the devotion. And no, they hadn't fallen asleep! :0)

William Weedon said...