12 September 2010

Very blessed

to serve liturgy this morning together with Pastor Karl Gregory, former vicar at St. Paul's.  Bless his heart, he came out early and stayed for both services and Bible Class.  It was GREAT to see him again.  Next time, though, he is under strict orders from She Who Must Be Obeyed to bring Nancy along with him!  We had a marvelous time when Karl and Nancy were here doing some quartet pieces together.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting me assist. The people of St. Paul's are always a joy to see.

Paula said...

It was good to see Pastor Karl at early service. For 10:00 a.m. church we went to Girard to see Pastor GeRue. That was fun, too. I think it's enjoyable to travel around and see our former vicars and sem students. There is a certain new vicar who we've got to go to see in St. Louis (or at least many members of my family want to see his wife).

William Weedon said...

Dean and Lauren would be happy to see you all!