13 September 2010


Yes, God willing, tomorrow the new dishwasher will arrive at St. Paul's parsonage.  The old one has been giving fits for the last couple years - rust particles clogging the motor as the plastic covered rack deteriorated. Cindi's painted the rack a number of times and we've had it repaired often as well.   I'm hoping the new nylon-coated rack will last longer and the more quiet motor will do the job. One thing is for sure - with all the guests for lunch and dinner the old dishwasher gets a workout!!!


Ann Nichols said...

New dishwasher! That is something to be thankful for! And just in time for the holiday season which is fast approaching! Enjoy!

Jeremy Loesch said...

What kind did you get? Ours is decent, kind of loud, but has a delay feature that we really like, allowing it to run while we're sleeping, at church, etc.



Anonymous said...