15 September 2010


it's on every page of the Synod's website:  Witness, Mercy, Life Together.

Martyria.  Diakonia.  Koinonia.

I don't think it's possible to get more at the heart of our Christian faith, hope, or love than that.  What a challenge to evaluate all we do as a congregation with how it furthers one or the other - and if doesn't, why are we doing it?  Same when we evaluate and think of our work as a Synod or as a District of the Synod.

In the primary sense:

in the holy liturgy, the Blessed Trinity bears witness to the truth, ministers mercy to the deepest need of humanity, and does so by imparting the koinonia of the inner-Trinitarian life to those gathered in the holy name for the hearing of the Word and reception of the life-imparting and immortal gifts.

In the secondary sense:

by the holy liturgy, the Church as God's people bear witness to the truth that they have come to know through the Scriptures, ministers mercy to the deepest needs of her members and remembers to take the needs of all to the throne of God to plead for mercy, and lives together in the koinonia of the shared divine life.

In the tertiary sense:

through the holy liturgy, the Church as God's people is refreshed and strengthened to bear witness in the world to God's truth, to minister mercy to the needs of the afflicted in this fallen age, and to call into the saving koinonia which is her secret inner life.


Mark said...

Last week I watched President Harrison's installation online. Now it's clear that I'll be watching the Synod.

Past Elder said...

I like it! I REALLY like it! Both the emblem, which I put on my blog, and the words, which sure as hell beat that goofy thing that sounded like a paraphrase of "Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuehrer", if I may be permitted a lapse from my usual placid and cadenced academic discourse.

Elephantschild said...

Simple and clear. Not muddled with corporate double-speak.

And a simple, classy, even churchly-looking logo. Nicely done.