10 September 2010

Some Pics from ETR

Just a handful of the over 30 folks who gathered at taproom tonight.  Didn't get pics of Mollie Z. or Carrie and Lance O'Donnell or a number of others!

Pr. Tim Landskroener visits with the Hemmers

The Musegates

Cindi and Pr. Karl Gregory

Kathy Landskroener and Pr. Tom Messer and Lisa blurry pic - sorry!

The Fritzches

Pr. Lawrence and Jackie, Pr. Hemmer and Laura (Dean and Marion)

1 comment:

edie said...

Steve and I are lamenting that we didn't make it up to STL. We'll be watching the live streaming though and checking in frequently to our various confessional bloggers and twitter-ers. Enjoyed the peek into the festivities!
Yours truly from deep south,
Steve and Edie :)