05 December 2010


Cindi made pancakes for dinner tonight, along with some sausages.  She told me which pancakes where which when she set them on the table - lo-carb for her and me; regular for the kids.  So I took my pancakes and prepared them.  David started squawking:  "Mom, these don't look right.  What did you do to them?  Are you sure that THOSE aren't ours?"  "No," she said, "I kept them separate.  Those are ours, these are yours."  So we all got our pancakes buttered and put on syrup (lo-carb for us; regular for the kids).  David takes a bite and says:  "Mom, these are not right.  What did you do to them?"  "I made them out of the mix just like I always do.  Maybe I got a little too much water.  They're flat and I'm not sure why."  I made fun of David for putting up such a silly fuss.  Then Cindi takes her first bite of her pancake and she looks confused.  She was SURE which were lo-carb and which were not.  NOT SO MUCH.  And this after I had eaten all my pancakes (I woof food down so fast that Lucy can't even keep up - so yes, Cindi's first bite was after mine were all gone), I find out that I ate the WHITE FLUFF pancakes!!!  Sabotaged!!!  By my own wife!!!  ACK!  Major Atkins Sin!  I said with great chagrin:  "I'm gonna wake up fat!"  Cindi asked:  "How could you not taste the difference?"  Bekah said:  "He doesn't have the food in his mouth long enough to taste anything."  We all apologized to David, whose belly-aching was actually right on target.

P.S.  AND THEN she had the nerve to serve me lo-carb pumpkin pie.  Was it really???


Shawn Krausz said...

Ahhh ... Just get back on track next meal !! And did they taste good ??? I mean sometimes an accidental splurge is soooo delicious ; ) !!

Doorman-Priest said...

"He doesn't have the food in his mouth long enough to taste anything."


Anonymous said...

In this life, suffering is not optional. We must all bear it with fortitude and courage and syrup and butter. Be brave Pastor.