05 February 2011

The blow torch

So Scott asked me tonight who had the blow torch out, melting the ice.  I hadn't a clue.  It's one of the joys of living in the St. Paul family - a problem like snow and ice arrives and the whole community owns it.  The unknown blow torch man; Louis was up here with his snow blower; Cindi and I shoveled a bit; Dave was up with his tractor; Scott dumped a ton of salt; Doug shoveled; and Dan did too and I don't know who else . All worked together, each doing their part so that this house of God would be accessible for the Divine Service tonight and again tomorrow.  From the litany at Evening Prayer:  "for those who do good works in this congregation, for those who toil, for those who sing, and all for all the people here present...Lord, have mercy!"

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scotty said...


We are truly bessed here at St. Pauls! With regard to the "Blow torch"... Through His commandments God clearly warns us against the worshiping of idols....however after cleaning up at church friday morning... I must admit that had I been up there when the "Torch Man" was there...I may have tempted to worship (small "w") him and his device! Thanks to everyone who makes safe the way to WORSHIP!