12 February 2011

New Lutheran Quote of the Day

The recognition that the revelation in Christ is not something inconclusive or relative stands and falls with the primacy of the apostolate over prophecy.  Wherever prophecy asserts its independence and power, it is a threat to the finality of the revelation that happened once in history, of which the apostolic office bears witness.  Christ's church is an apostolic, not a prophetic church.  This does not mean, as some today suppose, a quenching of the Spirit, a constriction of religion within an ossified institution.  Rather it expresses the conviction that revelation has taken place, that the word of God is no longer only given and assigned to a human being here and there, but that the Word has become flesh. -- Hermann Sasse, We Confess:  Jesus Christ, p. 17.


Pr Mark Henderson said...

Couldn't think of a better way to put it - priority of the apostolic over the prophetic. If you don't mind, William, I'll borrow this for 'What SAsse Said'.

Jeremy Loesch said...

Hold on just a minute! Where's the Nagel quote? I feel I was owed a warning that there was no more Nagel quotes.

(Sasse's cool too.)


William Weedon said...

Mark, of course.

Jeremy, but NAGEL translated all the Sasse I'm preparing to quote. That surely counts? :)

Pr Mark Henderson said...

Thanks William.