04 February 2011

New Lutheran Quote of the Day

So it is not with similitudes or significance or symbolism or analogies.  They don't scare the devil.  What puts him to flight is our Lord's body and blood and the Name that has been put upon us in the water.  The devil can't overcome that. -- Dr. Norman Nagel, Logia VII:2, p. 26.


Jeremy Loesch said...

Needed that. Thanks Will. It's been a good day, but always need that blessed comfort. Keeping bringing the Nagel as long as you can.


Anonymous said...

According to the New Testament
accounts of our Lord's Temptation by
Satan in the wilderness/desert, it
was Christ's use of the Word of God
that defeated Satan. All three of
his Scriptures quotes were from the
book of Deuteronomy. Christ is an
outstanding example of someone who
used Holy Scriptures to confront the
Devil with the Truth. After all,
Satan is the Father of all Lies.

Anonymous said...

Kathryn Kolb, a Lutheran gal from
Iowa, was one of the Iranian hostages
during the Presidency of Jimmy Carter
Upon her release she thanked her
pastor for having her confirmation
class memorize Bible passages. This
is how she comforted herself in
captivity and kept her sanity. God's
Word can defeat any enemy.