06 February 2011

Parmesan Crusted

Tilapia, with broccoli, and a cheddar cheese sauce poured liberally over both.  Just perfect for dinner on a cold, gray, dreary winter's day.  I never really grew up eating fish except for canned salmon (has to be red sock-eye and fried!) or tuna.  Daddy like fried oysters, but seeing what they looked like before they were fried, I never got up the nerve to down one.  But regular fish filets?  We didn't eat them.  They've become one of my favorites, though, in recent years.  What I find odd about the fish is that it sure doesn't take much, and I feel full.  Course, that might be the cheese sauce, eh?


Anonymous said...

Try a night out at the Red Lobster
and find the joy of eating shrimp.
If you are looking for cheese on your
entree go to the Olive Garden.

Your Friend in the Kitchen,
Paula Deen

Anonymous said...

Green Bay Packers won the 2011
Super Bowl. This means CHEESE is
in for the rest of this year. Send
your recipes to Lutheran pastors in
Wisconsin. May the Cheese-heads
be humble in victory.