23 February 2011

New Lutheran Quote of the Day

Obviously the "theology of the cross" does not mean that for a theologian the church year shrinks together into nothing but Good Friday.  Rather, it means that Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost cannot be understood without Good Friday. -- Hermann Sasse, *We Confess: Jesus Christ* p. 39.


Anonymous said...

The wooden crib at Bethlehem is
connected to the wooden cross at
Calvary. Christ was born in human
flesh so He could die for the sins
of humanity. If you celebrate
Christmas you must celebrate Good

Anonymous said...

The Theology of the Cross as Luther
understood and defined it is about
the problem of the Theology of Glory.
Luther was opposed to anyone who
thought their good behavior merited
salvation. He put the emphasis on
God's free gift of salvation to
everyone who believed in the crucified and resurrected Christ.

Dennis Peskey said...

Would not the protoeuangelion of Genesis 3 also take a proper place within the theology of the cross?