23 February 2011

Reminder: St. Matthias tomorrow

Tomorrow at St. Paul's we will commemorate the holy Apostle St. Matthias at the Divine Service at 6 p.m.  Join us if you can!


Terry Maher said...

Now Pastor, that's the Vatican II feast day of St Polycarp, unknown to Luther, Loehe, Past Elder etc, who find no need to mess with the longstanding date, 26 January, unless Rome still calls the shots.

William Weedon said...

Um, no. Today is the Day of St. Matthias, and it is most certainly the ancient day observed in the Western calendar.

Past Elder said...

Looks like it's all about what "tomorrow" is. Which when I read it, the day was the 23rd, which is the Vatican II feast of St Polycarp, as distinct from the 26 January traditional one, and having just come from PTM's blog where we have declared a cease-fire in the Observance Wars but there is a St Polycarp post, it not only blew that you were talking about St Matthias out of my mind, but that I was logged in to Google as Terry Maher too!!

The gun was still loaded and went off on your blog instead of his.

Godfrey would not accept that as excuse for inattention, especially when dealing with a patristic. But then hey, he would celebrate St Polycarp on 23 February, so hey.