04 July 2011


Now that IS making me feel a bit old.  I remember very well the great celebration in Washington DC on the Bicentennial.  I didn't brave the crowds at the Mall that day, but I believe I recall my brother Joe and Peggy heading down there, and I think maybe Sis and Jimmy too.  I was 15 years old at the time, and commemorations of the Revolution were all over the place.  Mom collected a set of dishes (that we still have) that had various events and places from those years depicted on them:  Monticello and Mount Vernon, Independence Hall, Paul Revere, an so on.  It was white and blue ironstone.  I think mom and daddy and I ended up watching the fireworks on our TV (yes, in black and white - daddy didn't believe that colored TVs were up to snuff).  Anywho, that the big celebration was actually 35 years ago amazes me.


Terry Maher said...

I remember it too, though I was a but older than you at the time. Well, still now for that matter.

I am still, from boyhood, a bit of a coin collector, and collect such of the bicentennial quarters as one still finds in circulation. Got into that when I started the state quarter series, three of them, one each for me and the boys, one now complete and the other two nearly so. The bicentennial quarters are kept with a special collection of the state quarters of the original thirteen states.

William Weedon said...

Cindi reminded me that she and her parents were downtown and sang "If My People" on the Capitol steps.