23 July 2011

I confess to being

a bit of a DS III snob.  Hard to beat the old Common Service.  But every once in a while we throw in Divine Service IV (and even rarer, DS V), and I hate to admit it: I like it..  Cindi just admitted as much too.  DS IV a beautiful liturgy.  I look forward to it each time we use it.  The old Petri 1531 Preface (more or less); the Kyrie that combines the best of East/West with the Christe elision smack in the middle of each response; the excellent Nunc Dimittis.  It makes for a fine liturgy and we've quite a few people who look forward to it when it rolls around.


Rev. David M. Juhl said...

DS IV is used here in NID at our Pastors Conference for Mass. I see it as a compromise rite for the liturgical and praise camps.

That said, I don't care for it. YMMV.

Becky said...

I LOVE DS III, probably because it's what I learned from childhood, but I like DS IV. I especially like the Kyrie.

I think DS I is more of a compromise between liturgical and praise camps; especially when using "This is the Feast." But my opinion is probably based on the fact that my former congregation offered liturgical and contemporary, and they used DS I for the liturgical.

If I ever become afflicted with Alzheimer's, I'm guessing it will be DS III that'll be "in there," and I hope my visitors will sing it to me.

Rev. Ryan P.T. said...

DS III feels like a well-worn pillow I can always return to. We've used IV as a spoken, more spartan, setting during Lent. Don't have my altar book in front of me; does it have notation for DS IV in it?

William Weedon said...