08 July 2011

Thank God for our Police

I got a lecture today.  And I deserved it.  You see, we have a law in Illinois that you cannot use your cellphone in a construction zone.  Well, I waited till I was past one and then dialed up an old friend (who's headed for Germany this weekend).  We were having a nice chat and I never even registered that we'd passed into the next zone - partly because the actual construction was a ways up the road.  Well the police man saw it in my hand, pulled me over, and proceeded to YELL at me.  "I respect the collar, BUT..." and he was totally, absolutely right.  And I agreed with him on every point.  When he was done and I had been thoroughly chastised, he bid me good day and let me go on my way.  No ticket, no warning, just a sound verbal thrashing.  And I thought as I drove away - God bless them for trying to keep our roads safe and yelling at us when we're being idiots.  May the Lord protect them (and construction workers).  And folks, let's agree to put the phones away and concentrate on the traffic in those zones.


Anonymous said...

The distraction is one reason not to use a cell phone in a construction zone, but there's another rather important reason.

In the oilfield, whenever we have explosives around, the ONLY broadcast radios that can be on are those that have been certified NOT to screw with detonating devices.

If the construction area has explosives around, you do NOT want radios transmitting if you can help it.

Paul McCain said...

First use of the law in action. Love it.

J.G.F. said...

In New York it is always illegal to talk on the cell phone and drive unless you have a hands-free device. Our County was the first in the nation to enact this law; New York State followed through a year later. $500 fine and points on your license.
Yet, many still risk it *(including the cops, lol)

Jim Huffman said...
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