30 July 2011

One of the understated pleasures of life

is perusing a good cookbook.  I confess that I've had several favorites across the years, but the one that I've found to be absolutely splendid for low carb eating is this one.  Dana is simply a gifted writer, whose descriptions have us laughing, and marking recipe after recipe as a "must try."  I'm going to make up some of her cinnamon raisin bread today, I think.  And her almond cookies...well, let's just not even go there.  Snarf.


Paul McCain said...

Please pass me your man card.

I feel a need to cut a corner off of it.

: )

William Weedon said...

Ha! Well, my good friend, Pr. Ben Pollock, wrote me this note:


I agree with you, one of the great pleasures of life is perusing a good cookbook. Of course, I peruse much higher carb cookbooks than you do, such as Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child, but your statement is still true.

Don't forget, now, that not everyone is an Esau playing with his gun collection; there also Jacob's out there - and we make a mean stew. :)