01 July 2011

Ah, now this is how...

...it is supposed to be - summer, I mean.  Cin and I got up and off to the Y a little after six for our workout, breakfasted at Cracker Barrel (I really love their country ham), got home and practiced a bit on the piano, then headed out to play the funeral for Ray (Shorty) Weiler (may the Lord grant the Weilers His peace!).  After lunch, Cindi and I finished picking up some yard debris (she'd been chopping while I was away!), and then spent a nice long time in the pool.  Bekah surprised us with a visit and joined us in the pool for a while..  I had had enough sun, so came inside, put on one of my favorite Christmas albums (that time of the year - well, truthfully, I listen to Christmas music year round, just love it!), read a bit in an old Ellis Peter's novel, and took a nap.  Dave and Jo are coming for dinner shortly, and we're having some fish that Julian and Cathy dropped by the other day (thanks ever so much, Julian!), and then we'll close the day with cards.  And I should certainly be the winner this time.  THAT would make the perfect ending to the day, as I'm sure you'll all agree.  Actually, the old rule applies:  as long as JO doesn't win, I'm good with it.  (Love you, Jo!).


Anonymous said...

Ham for Gentile Breakfast and Fish
for Jewish Supper. This is an
ecumenical day for you. How many
Lutheran pastors can match your menu
for today?

Terry Maher said...

Just a bleeding minute -- Christmas music all year round? Do you leave the wreath and lights up too? Although I gotta say Ray Charles' instrumental on his "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" is really good, I could listen to it when it's not Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I bet you were listening to Schutz Vespers. Of course, if you say Christmas, you probably mean Christmas. Most people would not clarify in their natural speech if it was advent, Christmas, etc. :)

Anonymous said...

IN THE WORLD. When he says it is
Christmas in July, then you celebrate
with him. When he goes to Cracker
Barrel for breakfast, there are many
people in the parking lot who just
want a glimpse of him. When he sits
in his pool to refresh himself from
the humidity, nobody in the area
feels sweaty. "Stay Thirsty My

William Weedon said...

Just to note: yours truly won all three games last night. Smokin!

Anonymous said...

IN THE WORLD. His wife cleans up the
debris in the yard and enjoys it.
He reads a novel and takes a nap at
the same time. He wins 3 card games
in one night and the losers are
happy for him. "Stay Thirsty My