03 July 2011

Nummies for the Fourth

Cin and I just got ready much of the food for the fourth.  This year we'll be doing sloppy joes (with Steve's beef and Cindi's fabulous made from scratch sauce), coleslaw, fresh cantaloup, deviled eggs, crab dip with pork rinds or veggies, and blackberry cobbler for dessert.  I'm getting hungry again just thinking about it.  And then there's the matter of cards again.  Ah, may it be like last time.  That was just felt so very right, you know what I mean?

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Pastor Kevin Jennings said...

Crab dip with chicharrones? That sounds a little different.

Of course, in this part of the country, one of my favorite things to order at a Mexican restaurant is plato de lengua - the beef tongue plate.

God bless!