04 October 2015

Birthday This N That

Fifty-five years. Whew. Where did they all go to?

A great time last night with the family (minus our Herberts), celebrating both yours truly and Meaghan's birthday. Meaghan's is the day after mine. All told we were Andy and Bekah, David and Meaghan, Lydia and Opa and Cindi. 

Cindi made scruptious sloppy joes and cole slaw (in our family you put the cole slaw on top the sloppy joe - bun not needed!). We had homemade ice cream (with sugar for everyone else, with honey for Cindi and me). Cindi made Meaghan a chocolate marvel pie; and I got some gingerbread (yes, it was paleo) on which we piled some of that ice cream and topped it all off with fried apples. YUM.

Today we're heading over to the Van Ulfts for our monthly pinochle game. Let's sincerely hope that I do better at that than at the liverpool we've been playing lately! 

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