27 October 2015

Interesting night and day

Aunt Sandy arrived last night after a sort of last minute trip across country. She'd had surgery this past Friday, but was discharged with zero limitations. Unfortuantely, her latest stitching came undone on the trip. She and Russ got here about 8. We got to the hospital about 9. By the wee hours of the morning, the surgeon was insisting that it did not need to be repaired, but opened and let the infection that had set in drain. So that's where things stand. Sandy has had some antibiotics and is doing well. She is able to eat whatever she wants and hopefully will be discharged tomorrow. THEN we can have that nice visit we planned and I can mercilessly kick her posterior in liverpool (that's the plan, anyway). Russ headed to Michigan to attend to some much needed stuff up there. 

Cin and I got home about 5 a.m. and snatched a few hours sleep before the day began in earnest. She's with Sandy now and will head home here before too much longer. For right now, I think we're both running on fumes, but very happy to have Sandy here with us for a few days. 

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