24 October 2015

Nice and quiet day

Cin and I slept in a bit. Then after a bite of breakfast and finishing off a pot of coffee, a haircut! Still can't believe she doesn't get excited about haircut day. The sky was looking a tad threatening, so we elected to stay close to home and just circle the neighborhood twice. We got a few sprinkles, but the real rain tracked to the north. Before we were done, though, a rather chilly wind had sprung up on the backside of the storm. Home for that second pot of coffee, a bit of lunch, and then a project in the garage. Cindi wanted to eliminate a standing caddy that had numerous utensils in it and hang them all in a rack on the wall. Rack hung, utensils hung. Brought the wood holder in and set it up beside the fireplace and filled it and replenished wood in garage. Cin made a fabulous spicy beef stir-fry from Mafetone's site. Then she headed out to bowl and I've enjoyed a very quiet evening at home with only music and Lucy to keep me company. Played music from a CD that many years ago Lee Maxwell had given to me, and remembered that dear friend. Nearly a year now since he reposed in Christ. Tomorrow we will anticipate the Reformation festival. Choir will sing Drummond Wolff's Built on the Rock and also a section from Luther's Te Deum auf Deutsch: Herr Gott, Wir Loben Dich.

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