03 October 2015

Diet Update

We've been eating a basic paleo diet for a long time now, but we've expanded a lot on the foods we eat. Some think that there's only one way to eat paleo, but like so many folks on this journey, we've experimented quite a bit over the years and mindfully added in this or that food, to see how our bodies responded.

So we added in sweet taters a while ago, and then taters (superb for their resistant starch), and most lately: oatmeal! It was wonderful to welcome that wholesome food back. We usually sweeten with a wee bit of honey and a handful of blueberries. I'd forgotten how absolutely great a porridge is for breakfast. 

We basically eat a variety of whole foods and try to avoid like the plague highly processed stuff in packages. We shop the outside rim of the supermarket, grow what we can for ourselves, and for our beef, we buy half a cow that lived on the farm less than a mile away from our house. I still try to avoid too much dairy (particularly too much cheese - it just doesn't love me, no matter how much I love it! Instant stomach pains), and we eat veggies whenever we get the chance (they often play a major role in our breakfasts!). 

My weight hangs in the 140's and I feel better at 55 than I ever did at 40. And an essential part of our way of eating is our way of living: a walk of at least 30 minutes every day. Sometimes I run rather than walk, but the walk is key for me for sanity. I have missed maybe a handful of times, but I feel the loss of it right away. Cindi and I are getting ready to head out now for a chilly stroll in just a few minutes. It's just 53, gray skies and a decent wind. Brr.

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