14 March 2016

An unfortunate discovery

I can think of at least three times it happened. Twice with coffee and once with a full glass of wine. I set them down and went to reach AROUND them and ended up knocking them over. And is there a common denomenator to when they got knocked over? Funny you should ask. Because there is: each time I was wearing my contacts.

For years and years, I LOVED my contacts. I wore them as my regular lenses. But in the last few years it has gotten increasingly more difficult to do so. My eyes are drier, for one, and invariably a lens or two gets stuck to the eye itself. That's uncomfortable, of course. But far more devastating: with the contact lenses in (using monovision), I simply cannot perceive depth.

Hence the spilled beverages. I literally can't see that I'm not reaching around, but through my glass or cup. The last spill was so aggravating (at work, with full cup of freshly purchased Veranda Blend from the Bucks), that I decided: THAT'S IT. Seriously. Over. Done. FINISHED.

No more contact lenses except occasionally in the pool. Otherwise, I'm sticking to my trusty progressive spectacles. Yes, I'm old. I need to face it. Gray hair? Check. Wrinkles? Check. Speactacles? CHECK.


Anonymous said...

Stay old. It is a gift. I am glad to say you are old.

Anonymous said...

A Lutheran aggravated over spilled coffee? This is most certainly true.

tubbs said...

I followed the tradition of my sea-faring ancestors last month. I got both earlobes pierced. A bit strange for a 66 year old man?
Yes it is, and I hope the small gold posts aren’t too noticeable. The effect on my vision has been wonderful.

William Weedon said...

Tubbs, way to go! You mean, I mean to get a hole in the other ear to see better? Might have to give it a try! :)

tubbs said...

Heard about it in 1963, from my English grandmother.