16 March 2016

On Money

...well, sort of. You see, being a big Ramsey fan, I appreciate cash. BUT I hate change. Stop in at the Bucks on the way to work and buy my coffee. And at day's end, stick the change in the money jar in the closet. Yet, by doing so, I ended up LOSING several day's worth of coffee each month. So I figured time to venture into this brave new world of "no cash." I bought a $50 card and then entered the card in my Starbucks app and loaded it to my iPhone's wallet. Voila! Paying is simplicity itself and all that change still goes toward my coffee purchases.

But that doesn't mean I'm not a little creeped out. We've progressed from precious metal, to symbolic paper, to...what? Numbers that we all agree to, but that truly exist only on a screen? It is convenient and wonderful and I'll keep using it, but it's also very weird. Money itself is becoming a fictional construct, even more than it already was. 

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William Gleason said...

Creeped out? Rightly so! "Flee temptation!" Do not give in to the big finance scheme to eliminate cash. Maybe it would help to think of it as "Paleo" money. You know, the real stuff, the healthy stuff. Not the soft, easy way that makes you fat and dependent. Just listen to your own argument, brother. My two cents, respectfully submitted.