25 March 2016

O Virgin's Son

What Thou hast won
Is far beyond all telling:
How our God, detested, died
Hell and devil felling.

O Jesus Christ,
Who sacrificed
Thy life for lifeless mortals;
Be my life in death and bring
Me to heaven's portals.
LSB 448:6,7

What a glorious Chief Service we just came from at St. Paul's. Zach was amazing on the organ and brought his cadre of musicians to help. Violin, timpani, and I think clarinet at one point? The Scriptures of the Chief Service, its prayers and hymns leave you in awe and joy before the Crucified King. Today musically we feasted on Jesus, I Will Ponder Now; O Sacred Head; Sing, My Tongue; Lamb of God, Pure and Holy; O Darkest Woe; A Lamb Goes Uncomplaining Forth; and The Royal Banners. Pastor did not omit to draw our attention to the confluence of Annunciation's normal day and Good Friday. "He will reign over the house of David forever." "Behold, your king." You left the service blessed beyond words. And eager for even more. Tenebrae is this evening at 7 with Stainer's Crucifixion oratorio.

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