10 March 2016


the iPad Pro all day. Preached from it. Did my email and writing on it. Used it for Thy Strong Word (KFUO's daily Bible study; you should be listening!), where split screen shines: intro sheet in one panel and Logos open in the other, divided into Greek and English. Worked on some upcoming conferences.  Blogged a bit. Caught up on some news. Now it's 8:44 p.m. I'm at 41% battery. Yeah, pretty sweet. It basically means that I never have to think about battery, as long as I remember to plug in each evening.

AND last month I bought the weird looking, humpbacked iPhone battery case and have been using it. I have NEVER had an issue of needing to think about battery life, even when travelling. It lasts all day no matter what. I'm thinking this is very near to the perfect set up. Phone and iPad Pro together. 

Way to go Apple!

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