11 March 2016

Sending Service

crowns the two weeks of Missionary Orientation at the International Center. I particularly love the sounds of children in the chapel—and there were TONS of children and young folk in evidence these last two weeks. I was blessed to lead (most days) the morning devotions for the missionaries and to serve today as the celebrant. Pr. James Krikava preached a wondrous sermon on John six, the Gospel for Laetare. He majorly featured the pelican in her piety. My mind right away went to Hope's beautiful altar. The Trinklein musicians helped enormously, as did our IC musicians: Dr. Vieker, Deaconess Cara Patten, Pr. Michael Meyer, Anna Karsten and Aaron Nielsen. Missionaries were sent to Ethiopia, Panama, Perus, Dominican Republic, South Korea, Czech Republic and I can't remember where else! Next week the building will be strangely silent with the joyful noise of the children absent, but what joy to know that they'll be going forth with the good news of great joy for all people.

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