22 March 2016

Nice feature!

Putting together Worship Books for conferences is something I end up doing a bit. Today, Sandy and I were working on one for an upcoming conference, and I had a very pleasant discovery. I was using my iPad Pro, and when I needed to find a file that had been sent to me with an attachment (PDF, TIFF, JPEG whatever), Outlook made this a breeze since it stores attached files together by account. But the really cool thing was that once I found the file, I could simply choose to copy the content and then paste it directly into Word. Never had to open the original. Never had to figure out how to insert a PDF into a Word doc etc. It always pasted cleanly and with zero fuss. Talk about saving time! I don't know exactly how Microsoft or Apple worked that magic, but it sure made work WAY easier this afternoon. Do you see that smile of satisfaction on my face? What I had anticipated taking me two days took me a couple hours. 

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