02 August 2016

A Different Workout

Cindi had to work this morning, so I decided to split my push-ups between household chores. Worked great! By the time Cindi got back:

Candlesticks cleaned and put in curio
Candlestand by door taken downstairs
Kitchen cleaned
Coffee made for tomorrow
Garage Swept
Kitchen swept, dry and wet swiffled
Cleaned stove top
Dining Room Blinds washed
Trash taken out

Then she and I enjoyed a stroll around the neighborhood. She had some errands to run in town and the fireplace had been bugging me, so:

Fireplace cleaned out
Living room and hall vacuumed

And all while some two pots of French press coffee were enjoyed. Oh, and I also read Luther's great homily in the House Postils for Trinity XI. How much I've missed studying his homilies! I think even when I get back to work, that needs to have a regular place in my reading. The great quote from this morning came at the tale end of the homily:

"Therefore, let everyone humble himself before God, be caring toward his neighbor, and not despise him, serve and work faithfully to earn his living, eat and drink; let him take care not to become proud and puffed up, as he sees that he, too, has unclean hands. To these God gives his grace; but those who do not obey will be cast out. For God cannot endure pride, as Mary recounts in her hymn of praise, 'He hath scattered the proud in the imagination of their hearts; he hath put down the mighty from their seats, and exalted them of low degree.'"

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Nancy said...

I'm pretty sure I burned a couple of calories just reading about all you did.