18 August 2016

My ever resourceful wife

has really reaped a bountiful harvest this summer. We used to try to do all sorts of things, but realized that what we REALLY use tons of is tomatoes. So this summer that's what we concentrated on, though earlier we had lettuce and we do have an eggplant or pepper plant or two. Tomatoes, though, are king. We use them in so very many things, and love just munching on the cherry or grape tomatoes all by themselves. She's canned quite a bit already and this is what's sitting on the counter:

And there's more and more ready each day. We realized last year that we actually use more salsa than anything else, so we've mostly made that. Do you like the "we" there? Hey, I help carry the cans downstairs to the pantry and occasionally bring in the tomatoes. But Cindi is the chief gardener and cook. She does all the magical work of turning these already tasty critters into even more tasty sauces. I just love her salsa on an avacado at breakfast. Talk about the perfect combo of flavors.

And after the initial investment of paying for the materials and stuff for the square foot garden box, the next years the garden has ended up saving us a bit. It's fun and helps you realize up close and personal that food really is a gift of God: "You open Your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing." True, dat.

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Unknown said...

Marx’s Fourth Law of the Dialectic: You can never have enough tomatoes.
As a compulsive tomato grower, I share your pleasure.
Happy eating.
Blessings, George
(George A. Marquart)