27 August 2016

Saturday explorations

Wild blueberries?
After we finished up our breakfast, prayers, and coffee, I noted that we didn't have much wind and it might be a good day for a bike ride. We headed up to Decamp Junction on the bike trail. We spied what we think might be some wild blueberries and also a pumpkin patch. Can't see pumpkins and not think of the fall and pumpkin pie heaped high with whipped cream and a steaming mug of java to go with...and some cooler weather! Maybe even a fire in the fireplace?

Dave called while we were riding. He needed some medicine. In the old days, that would mean heading to Edwardsville. But Hamel has a new store next to our grocery (DK's), a Dollar General. So when we got back home, we picked up the keys to get the mail and a few bucks and headed out again on our bikes to the store. I was amazed at the stuff they had there. We found so many of the medicines Dave wanted that Cindi had to call him back to see which KIND he wanted. Add to the Dollar General, the Love's Travel Plaza across the interstate (I've still not even been in there) and during the summer, Dean's Produce Market, and I think if you planned it right, the trip to town might be more of a monthly than a weekly occurrence. 

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