17 August 2016

And as the vacation winds down...

...things get rather quiet. We've had guests in the house for the past ten days, but the last ones left this morning. We have a few days here at the tail end of vacation to do one of our favorite things: just enjoy each other's company. After our guests left today, we did some budget stuff, headed to the store to pick up groceries, walked and cut yards, and enjoyed some pool time. Our Wednesday tradition is breakfast for supper, so bacon's in the oven and beginning to smell heavenly. After supper, a game of cards is in order and then perhaps some time with a novel. It's been a very nice time of visiting and refreshment, and I'm glad that the first week off I got a pile of things done (like the car tune up and license renewal and sticker for tags) so that here at the end, we have absolutely nothing that HAS to be done.

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