21 August 2016

So we did it!

We actually got up and rode our bikes to church this morning. It made all the sense in the world on such a beautiful morning. It felt like we were kids. We even ditched the safety helmets. No wallet, no keys. Just us on our bikes and off to sing God's praises, hear His Word read and preached, and receive the Eucharist with a bunch of people we dearly love. Pr. Gleason preached a very fine homily. He kicked off on the Epistle and then swung us into the Gospel, and then wove back and forth a time or two. "Who is my neighbor?" And the answer? JESUS is your neighbor! He comes to be true neighbor to you. And the icing on the cake? Receiving the Eucharist while we sang 708: "Lord, Thee I Love with all My Heart."

We got home by 10:10 or so, and began fixing lunch. Small crowd today: Opa, and the David Weedon family, Cindi and I. Still, we sat down to a scruptious brunch and Lydia ate an entire container of blueberries nearly on her own!

I'm definitely game for trying to make a habit of the bike trip to church, but Cindi is still to be convinced. Apparently there would be difficulties with clothes, hair, women-type things that the male of the species just doesn't think about so much (though we surely appreciate the final result!).

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