05 August 2016

Well, it may have been nutso

But I did it anyway. My little honda civic has 217K on it. It needed 3K worth of maintenance work. To get rid of it and get a new car? What a hassle. The mechanic assured me that she'd be puttering along at 317K with very little additional maintenance (except oil changes, of course) if I got it all done (and to be fair, I'd not done the stuff you're supposed to do at 100K—you're supposed to do stuff at 100K? Who knew???). Decisions. Decisions.

I kept it. I love my little car. It's old. It's not pretty. But it has never one time broken down on me. And it's small. I really dislike driving larger vehicles. And, when I picked it up this morning, wow. I could tell a huge difference! Nutso I may be, but I still have my little black car.

1 comment:

William Gleason said...

I don't think you'll regret it.