31 July 2020

Apple and the Simplified Life

You Apple haters can stop reading now. It will only irritate you further.

I’ve been an Apple exclusive user since the days of the Apple ][.  Through all the ups and down (and the downs were oh, so down), I’ve been loyal. What amazes me now is how this single company makes my life so simple. 

My sole “computer” is my iPad Pro (second generation). On it I write my podcast scripts, keep up my blog, and do whatever actually needs a keyboard. My usual companion, though, is my iPhone. All my apps from my iPad are on it, though, and thanks to the miracle of the iCloud, I can even select text on my phone and just paste it into my iPad document without hesitation.

We’ve long since bidden goodbye to our CDs and LPs and stereo systems. A single Homepod sits atop my piano. When we want to listen to music in our house, that’s how we do it. We have a blue tooth portable speaker to set outside by the pool and we also use that when we’re entertaining out of door. I just pull up my playlist and start it and never think more of it.

My AirPods do a great job for my workouts, or when I’m driving my car. I’m still tossing about whether to pick up an Apple Watch. I’ve got a good friend who says it simplifies things even further. 

Apple Wallet and the iPhone are a great combo. I still carry my physical wallet, but I’m not sure for how much longer. If there were just a way to get the driver’s license on the phone, I’d be basically done with physical wallet. The Apple Card is the only credit card I’ll probably ever use. And instead of my wife handing me cash for my “blow money” each month, I can just put it on my Apple Cash card. 

With COVID, our library allowed us to borrow anything virtually that they had, so my usual reading is now done on my iPhone. That’s where the photo album lives; that’s where my music lives (and where I can access virtually any music!); that’s where my videos are; and our usual entertainment (not that I use them much; I generally hate watching TV, even Apple TV). 

But when I think of the tangled clutter of previous devices (anyone remember camcorders, tape recorders, phones attached to walls, processing film, stereo equipment, even measuring tapes, books on shelves - encyclopedias, GPSs and the like!), it’s enough to delight a Cistercian’s heart. So clean, so simple, so easy and plain. And best of all? It all just works.

Like I said, if you hate Apple, so sorry. But I’m grateful to the tech giant for making life, well, simple. Truly simple and yet anything but simplistic. 

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